How Long Does an Executor Have To Sell a House?

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Selling house as executor

What is The Role of an Executor?

How Long Does an Executor Have to Sell a House?

  • The estate’s status, such as any will contests.
  • The state probate laws of the decedent’s state of residence.
  • Whether the property is situated in a different state than the decedent’s primary residence, such as a second home or investment property.
Steps in Selling a House as The Executor

5 Steps in Selling a House as The Executor

Step 1: Submit the Will to the Probate Court

Step 2: List the House for Sale

Step 3: Submit a Contract to The Probate Court 

Step 4: Get Court Approval and Close The Deal

Step 5: Receive and Distribute The Proceeds


Is there a deadline for selling a house as an executor?

While there is no set deadline, it is essential to act promptly and diligently to sell the house in a timely manner.

Can the beneficiaries force the sale of a house?

In some cases, beneficiaries may petition the court to compel the executor to sell the house if they believe it is in the estate’s best interest.

What happens if the house does not sell?

If the house does not sell within a reasonable timeframe, the executor may need to explore other options, such as renting the property or lowering the asking price.

What happens to the proceeds from the sale of the house?

The proceeds from the sale are used to settle any outstanding debts of the estate and are then distributed to the estate’s beneficiaries according to the terms of the will.