Elevate Your Practice with Executor Support

At Executor Support, we understand the unique challenges estate planning and probate lawyers face. Partnering with us allows you to streamline your practice, focus on your core legal responsibilities, and enhance the service you provide to your clients.

Enhance Your Client’s Experience


Maximize Efficiency

Time management is a critical issue for many lawyers. Our comprehensive estate management services help reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing the estate to close faster saving you time and your client money. ​​


Expert Probate and Administrative Support

The probate process is often lengthy and challenging for the average executor. Our expert team can handle filing taxes, asset management, the sale and/or transfer of real estate, and distribution to heirs​​.


Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Keeping up with the increasing demands for quick and personalized client services can be overwhelming. We help enhance your client interactions by ensuring that clients are prepared and cared for without requiring constant attention from you​​.


Secure and Specialized Care for Your Client’s Estate

Our fiduciary services are designed to act in your client's best interests, handling all fiduciary responsibilities with utmost care and professionalism. As trusted fiduciaries, we manage estates, trusts, and other financial duties with an unwavering commitment to integrity and transparency.

We Empower Your Client

Personalized Attention

Personalized Attention

We believe every client deserves focused and personalized support. Our team provides tailored assistance to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each estate, ensuring your clients feel understood and valued throughout the process.

Transparent Communication

Keeping clients informed is key to a smooth estate management process. We provide regular updates and clear explanations at every step, helping your clients understand the complexities of their case without feeling overwhelmed.

Strategic Asset Management

With our expert management, your clients’ assets are handled strategically to maximize value and meet estate goals. We connect our clients with the providers they need when navigating real estate sales or optimizing investment returns.

Focus on what you do best and let us handle
the administrative tasks of estate and trust
management for you.


Our Commitment to You​

Entrusting your client to Executor Support means gaining a reliable ally dedicated to enhancing your client’s efficiency and effectiveness. Our goal is to allow you to dedicate more time to what you do best while we take care of the administrative aspects of estate and trust management.


Executor Support provides comprehensive estate and trust administration services, including documentation handling, probate support, estate organization, and communication management with all parties involved. Our goal is to alleviate the administrative burden on lawyers by handling these essential yet time-consuming tasks.

By being a referral partner with Executor Support, your law firm can focus more on providing high-quality legal services and less on the administrative aspects of estate management. This partnership allows you to improve efficiency and enhance client satisfaction by ensuring smooth and timely estate processing. As part of the Executor Support network, you will be added to the list of preferred providers we share with clients.

Executor Support stands out due to our commitment to personalized service and our extensive experience in estate and trust administration. We offer a holistic approach, ensuring that every part of the estate management process is covered, from initial documentation to final asset distribution. Our team can also work with clients who don’t meet the required estate value for trust departments. 

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