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Being the executor of an estate is a huge undertaking as you are in a fiduciary role – the highest standard of care under the law. And while you may feel the urge to handle it all yourself, we understand that can be scary and typically will require significantly more time than first-time executors anticipate.

Do you have the time and skills to devote to this endeavor? We can help.

We Empower You In Your Executor Duties

We work beyond the intricate daily assignments and can work with and refer you to:






Estate Sales

Property Management Companies


While we have a preferred provider list, you are more than welcome to bring your own.

Safeguard Your Executor Position With
Thorough Preparations

Protect Yourself From
Further Liability

Being the executor of an estate is a huge undertaking as you are in a fiduciary role. And while you may feel the urge to handle it all yourself, we understand that can be scary. Without executor assistance, you could end up making critical mistakes such as not keeping open communication, waiting too long or failing to act, and even improperly closing the estate entirely.
It is possible to improperly conduct, understand, or close the estate process entirely. As a result, the estate ends up not being divided and distributed as intended. By then, you need help but are at a loss and face legal action by the deceased’s family or friends.
Executor Assistance will help you avoid these scenarios without replacing you as the fiduciary of the estate. With Executor Assistance, our expertise helps clients carry out the executor process from start to finish. With our support, you can feel confident that your responsibility as the executor is in the right hands.

Assistance at Each Stage of the Executor Process

Make the Necessary Preparations

From bookkeeping and inventory to tax arrangements and other services, we handle everything you need to check each item off your list.

Close the Estate

Whether actions are needed to pay final debts, gather and mail essential documents, inform separate entities of the situation, and more, the intentions of the deceased are protected with every move.


As an executor, you have been entrusted to carry out the deceased’s wishes, usually laid out in a will or trust of some kind.

In a nutshell, the job of an executor is to settle the estate of a person who has died. As the executor, you must pay off all debts and taxes the deceased owed and ensure that the rest of the estate assets are divided up and distributed to the right people or entities. This typically involves obtaining the legal paperwork proving you are the executor, getting certain assets into the name of the estate, opening new accounts, documenting all transactions, creating an income statement for the estate, paying the estate’s taxes, protecting and valuing assets, selling certain assets, communicating with heirs and family members, and making distribution of money and/or property to the right people at the right time – all in accordance with federal and state law and the will. There are a myriad of details.

We work with you to manage the entire executorship process up to the point of closing the estate. While you maintain ultimate authority and control, we do a majority of the actual work.

When you partner with us, we will set up an initial consultation to discuss your goals and our process. Being an executor of an estate can be complex and time-consuming. Our aim is to do 75% of the total executor work in only 75% of the normal time.

This is our full-time job. We have the skills and expertise. We love timelines and details, and we love serving other people. We have great relationships with other service providers. For example, you may spend an hour and a half on the phone talking to four different people with a large bank trying to close and open an account. We have a relationship with a smaller bank that knows who we are, knows our name, returns our calls personally, and is familiar with our process. Especially in a pandemic, this can save valuable time and frustration.
No. We will work with your attorney and other service providers. We do not do legal, investment, or tax work. But we may save the estate money by working efficiently with them. We are here to offer assistance throughout the execution of the estate as needed.

Want to Avoid Common Mistakes Made as
an Estate Executor?

Navigate the process successfully with help from Executor Support.

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