The Financial Benefits of Hiring a Professional Fiduciary

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When managing your financial assets and estate, the complexity of the task can sometimes be overwhelming. This is where the expertise of a professional fiduciary can be invaluable. But what exactly does a professional fiduciary do, and what are the financial benefits of hiring one?  In this blog, we’ll explore these questions and provide insights […]

Why Choose a Professional Fiduciary Instead of a Bank?

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Choosing the right professional fiduciary is crucial when managing estates, trusts, or personal finances. Many individuals find themselves torn between appointing a professional fiduciary or a bank. While banks are traditionally known for their financial management services, professional fiduciaries offer a range of benefits that can provide a more personalized and practical approach.  What is […]

How Does an Executor Pay Beneficiaries?

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Being an executor of an estate comes with significant responsibilities, including the crucial task of distributing assets to beneficiaries. Understanding the process can help executors perform their duties efficiently and within legal boundaries.  This blog explores the steps involved before an executor can pay beneficiaries, when these payments occur, options for beneficiaries needing funds quickly, […]

Do Executors Get Paid?

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Executor compensation varies based on several factors, including state laws, the complexity of the estate, and the executor’s relationship to the deceased. 

What Is An Executor of Estate?

An executor of estate is a person designated by an individual, typically through their will, to oversee the administration of their affairs after they pass away

How To Organize An Estate Sale

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An estate sale is a comprehensive liquidation of a person’s belongings, typically held when they are downsizing, relocating, or handling the estate of a deceased loved one.

How Long Does an Executor Have To Sell a House?

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When settling the affairs of a deceased individual, one of the critical tasks for the executor is selling any property owned by the estate, particularly a house. However, selling a house as an executor involves various legal and logistical considerations, leading to a common question: How long does an executor have to sell a house?  […]

How Long Does the Executor Have to Pay the Beneficiaries?

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When someone passes away and appoints an executor in their will, beneficiaries often wonder how long it will take to receive their inheritances. The timeline for paying beneficiaries depends on various factors and involves several responsibilities and tasks that an executor must complete. In this article, we’ll explore the executor’s primary responsibilities, the tasks that […]